Kansas Junior Livestock Show

Kansas' Livestock Learning Experience

Note to Swine Exhibitors

Attention Swine Exhibitors, here are a few reminders for the upcoming show:

1. Pedigreed gilts MUST be born February 1 and later to show in purebred classes. It looks like several January Pedigreed gilts were entered for the show.

2. Each exhibitor will receive a pen for their barrows and a pen for their gilts, so the maximum number of pens each exhibitor will receive is 2 if they bring both barrows and gilts. If an exhibitor brings 2 barrows and no gilts, then they get 1 pen. Same is true if they only bring 2 gilts and no barrows.

3. If you plan to bring 2 barrows or 2 gilts and you want them penned separately, please bring your own pen divider.

4. There are no tack pens until all pigs are in the barn Friday night. You may want to bring some boards or a panel to put on top of your pen to store feed, tack, etc.

Looking forward great show. See you all Friday!

Brian Creager, Swine Superintendent